The IRA Gold Conversion Changed My Life

I was never rich, but I was able to start a 401(k) early in my life. The employer contributions made the amount grow substantially, and at the age of 41 I decided that it was time to invest in an IRA as well. At that time there was no option of gold, so I opened the basic, traditional account.

Once the gold investments were allowed in the middle of the 90s I knew this was something perfect for me. I immediately made the conversion to the physical gold ira account and traded my custodian for one experienced with precious metals investments. I had a little bit of gold on hand, and although this type of investment in not allowed I was able to liquidate the gold and put the cash from that into the account. I also purchased several bullion bars to invest into the account.

That was one of the best things that I have ever done with my life. Thanks to my early investments in retirement accounts, as well as the investment of gold my retirement has been more than what I was expecting. Every single day is something new and always amazing and I can certainly say that I am living life to the fullest. I have not been restricted to the things that I can do and enjoy because of money that is for sure. For more information about IRA gold conversion, go to

In the two years that I have been retired I have cruised around the world and visited several countries. I was able to purchase a beach home which I really enjoy and get to have trips around the US to see family and friends as often as I wish. And there is still plenty of money left in my retirement fund.

Retiring is that special time of your life that is supposed to be enjoyable. When you’ve got money to spare this is a whole lot easier to do. I am certainly happy that I chose gold investments and made the conversion to the gold IRA account. It drastically increased my money, and there is no question that it will do the same for you. Gold is, and always has been, popular, and the chances this will change any time soon is very unlikely.

It is a good idea to look into the gold IRA conversion without delay. It will do the great things for you that it did for me!